Bank of the Commons is a cooperative banking service whose aim is to support alternative economy projects and social movements on both a global and a local level.

Our goal is to move towards a new societal structure by adopting FairCoin, a cryptocurrency using innovative and green blockchain technology, which can serve as a global social currency upon which to develop and implement decentralized financial structures for the Commons.

Bank of the Commons combines open assembly methodology such as has been used in movements such as 15M, Occupy, Integral Cooperatives and, more recently, eXtinction Rebellion, with professionals working in areas such as economics, accounting, programming, management, legal issues or communication.

Amongst the co-founders are various collectives sharing a number of similar principles and common goals, here is the list:

Individual Co-founders
Collectives Co-Founders:
Earth cooperative ecosystem for a fair economy
Free software development network
Self organised centre for Arts, Culture and Research in Milan
Grupo Consumo Sierra Segura
Consumers and mutual aid group in Sierra del Segura
Open investment and governance platform targeted at platform cooperatives and ethically driven enterprises
We Sign It
Petitioning platform for a better world
The Integral Permaculture Academy
An epicenter for self-empowered culture
Critical research practice specialising in rapid experimentation, design & prototyping
Multiactive cooperative to help you to make a Better Living
Robin Hood Cooperative
Democratizing finance on the Blockchain
Your social personal finance platform