The FairPay payments system supports fair economy practices amongst the 99%. It is run by and for the people .

FairPay is free, based on FairCoin, the global social currency, and is being made accessible progressively to more people in different circumstances across the world, with the support of local FairCoop nodes.

Bank of the Commons offers everyone this service regardless of being a member. It gives you access to:

  • An online FairCoin wallet.
  • FairPay cards*.
  • The FairPay Android app.
  • The Point Of Sale system.
  • FairPay cards allow you to charge your money into an ethical payment card. You can then spend this money at any affiliated outlet.

More info and registration at http://fairtoearth.com.

* If you register as a member of Bank of the Commons, FairPay will be already included in your Bank of the Commons multicurrency wallet; you don’t need to register FairPay separately.

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