FairPay is a payment system built to enable contactless transactions with NFC technology. Any NFC reader that is enabled for FairPay can interact with the FairPay card to perform transactions of in FAIR. You can obtain a FairPay card regardless of being a member of Bank of the Commons. You can learn more and check how to order the card here.

As a Bank of the Commons member, you can request a card simply by commenting in your comment box in your OCP* account and we will provide you with one! As a BotC member, your FairPay card will be connected to your Multicurrency Wallet. This way, you can easily convert the FairCoin you receive via FairPay to other curriences!

FairPay cards allow you to charge your FAIR into an ethical payment card. You can then spend your FAIR at any affiliated outlet!

*The OCP (Open Collaborative Platform) is the key open source organization tool of Bank of the Commons. We provide all members with an account on OCP in order to manage their membership issues, monitor their wallet and progressively use all services offered by Bank of the Commons.

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