Multicurrency Wallet

In the BotC Multicurrency Wallet you have a single (online) wallet allowing you to hold and exchange between multiple currencies, both digital (e.g. FairCoin, Bitcoin, etc.) and fiat based (e.g. Euro, Zloty, Mexican Peso, US Dollar, etc.).You can access your wallet here

This service currently uses the Chip-Chap software (a third party), the same used for FairPay. However, in FairPay, users can only store FairCoin whereas in the Multicurrency Wallet you can store many other currencies, also exchange them from one to another.

As Bank of the Commons, we use FairCoin as the strategic global currency alongside fiat based curriences. As we want to support solidarity economies, both locally and globally, we collaborate with social currency networks around the world in order to progressively implement more alternative currencies as we go on. If you have any proposals of currencies we could be including, please join and contact us!

At same time, Bank of the Commons is building the Multicurrency Wallet on OCP*, via FreeCoin, an open source social wallet. This will enable OCP to become a full open source banking software. It will provide secure and easily configurable features to the Multicurrency Wallet in order to make integration of any social currency model smoother. The capacity of this open source software to share accounting and to create networks of value and distribution will be very useful for Bank of the Commons to reach its goals.

*The OCP (Open Collaborative Platform) is the key open source organization tool of Bank of the Commons. All (new) BotC members are automatically assigned an account on OCP, for this is the heart of the BotC member services environment. Members can here monitor their wallet & transactions, manage membership details, messaging with BotC staff, etc. Note: OCP users can request linking their existing OCP account with the BotC account by sending a message in OCP.

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