Personalized Services

Apart from all the services provided to members, Bank of the Commons acts as a service provider for entities that desire or require the use of a personalized selection or version of BotC services and tools to support their ecosystems of social currencies or sustainable economies. This service is also open to individual members and collective members.

Customization services are paid services aimed mostly to support larger coops, non-profit organisations, municipalities, platform cooperatives etc. All organisations and cooperatives that desire to use or integrate in their work -similar or personalized- services and tools provided by Bank of the Commons (like a virtual account system or a social currency model), can contact us for further information and arrangements.

All social and digital currency movements that subscribe to Bank of the Commons’ general vision and ethics are very much welcomed to contact us to have their currency (of choice) integrated in the multicurrency ecosystem and to look into how to fund this integration together.

Customization of services project will be scoped, budgeted and jointly agreed as the each case requires. This will form the sustainable, main income source for Bank of the Commons.

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