• Activate basic management structures, member support, accounting and communication.
  • Run a crowdequity campaign to raise 500,000 . This will enable us to build the necessary software to cover short and mid term needs whilst securing the bank with enough liquidity to keep it sustainable (2017 expenses are valued at 90.000). The campaign began on the 7th of June2017.
  • Offer members the services that already are available: virtual bank accounts with multicurrency options, FairPay cards and POS -point of salesystem.
  • Reach, at least, 20 co-founders and create a european cooperative society in Italy, focused on digital banking and currencies services, with IBAN bank accounts in Banca Ética.
  • Allow periodical bill payments to cooperatives and non profits, using online wallets in FairCoin or euro. This will not cover payment of bills to corporations. Planned launch in September 2017.

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