A share is the basic unit of economic participation to Bank of the Commons. Legally, the number of shares is equivalent to the amount of money you have invested (€1 = 1 share). In Bank of the Commons, there are three types of shares.
  1. The social capital shares that you invest (like the 100€ for 100 shares of full membership). These are long term, non-liquid shares but refundable when the member decides to leave the cooperative. Social capital shares are exchangeable between members.
  2. The deposit shares are equivalent to what you have deposited in your own BotC multicurrency wallet and you manage directly from your multicurrency wallet. These are liquid or short term shares. This deposits are framed as shares mostly for for accounting purposes
  3. The bonus share: every purchase of 1000 social capital shares is rewarded with an additional bonus of 200 social capital shares. This bonus share allocation allows members to receive 20% more profit on BotC collective investments; if the profits generated are destined to be shared with investors, of course. Bonus shares are not refundable.
In Bank of the Commons the amount of shares owned by a member doesn’t affect their participation in decision making (1 member = 1 vote)

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